Are Frozen Pipes Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

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The winter is still in full force in Apple Valley, MN, which means cool temperatures and a chill coming in the wee hours of the mornings. This can result in frozen pipes of homes and business. The City of Rosemount advises us to keep water running the size of a pencil at all times, and will thus help financially for the first instance of frozen pipes, but the homeowner will take responsibility for all future costs.

Water damage caused by frozen pipes can be one of the most damaging problems a homeowner or business owner can face. When a pipe bursts, damage can happen very quickly and continues until the problem is resolved. Unfortunately, this damage can affect the walls, structure, ceilings, and belongings of an entire building.

Is there any good news, you may ask? As it turns out, many homeowners’ insurance policies will cover the damage resulting from frozen pipes provided  you can prove that you took measures to prevent the pipes from freezing! There is no help for those who don’t help themselves. Many policies say that coverage applies if you can show that you either:

  1. shut off the water supply and drained your system, or
  2. maintained heat to your home (or business) during a period when the house was unoccupied.

If a small crack in a water pipe caused slow leakage, the resulting damage may not be covered! The could be considered a maintenance issue instead. Many homeowners’ policies do not cover water damage that results from the lack of maintenance.

Coverage for burst pipes can include:

  • The cost to access the broken pipe such as tearing out a wall.
  • Necessary repairs or replacement for any damaged property such as drying out flooded carpets or replacing destroyed furniture or electronics.
  • The cost to repair and restore the wall once the pipe has been fixed.
  • If the damage is so extensive that you can’t stay in the home, your insurance company generally will pay for additional living expenses.

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