Are You Protected If Your Sump Pump Fails And Causes Water Damage?

Flood Insurance

Water damage in the basement is quite common. However, no one ever said that is was convenient. It doesn’t take much water to do some serious damage to your home. However, when homeowners call to file a claim on their homeowners insurance policy for sewer water backup or sump pump failure, they are quite often taken by surprise because they find out that it isn’t covered.

Now, despite what you may believe, you don’t need flood insurance for these issues to be covered. Instead, you need a special type of insurance coverage, which is called a Water Backup and Sump Overflow endorsement. It is completely separate from your general homeowners policy. It is crucial that as a homeowner you do not simply assume that this endorsement is part of your homeowners policy because it is generally not.

As a general rule, you can obtain coverage up to $25,000; however, this amount varies. When choosing how much coverage you actually need, you’ll want to ensure that you consider everything that is in your basement – from furniture and electronics to carpeting and other flooring. Basically, you need to determine what it would cost to replace everything in the event of water damage from sump pump failure.

While this is not flood insurance, don’t forget to consider purchasing flood insurance as well because this also isn’t covered under your general homeowners policy.

If you need more information regarding sump pump failure insurance, flood insurance or even homeowners insurance, do not hesitate to contact Mayer Insurance to discuss any and all of your coverage options. We proudly serve the entire Apple Valley, Minnesota area, and are here to help you ensure that your home is protected in the event of a disaster.