Is The Additional Renters Insurance Really Necessary?

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Insurance and Renting a Car

When you rent a car, it may be tempting to spend the extra money to get all of the additional coverage options available at the rental counter. While they will work to provide protection, they may also be a waste of money. Knowing when the extra coverage is necessary and when you can save your money can help to ensure that you are covered while driving your rental car.

In most cases, if you have plenty of health, auto, and homeowners insurance, you will most likely be able to skip out on the additional coverages. However, if you do not have the top tier of insurance, you should spend the extra cash when you rent a car.

Before you sign the paperwork to rent a car, make sure to talk with your insurance agent to find out exactly what coverage will extend while you are driving the vehicle. Keep in mind that the deductibles and limits that go along with your insurance will still apply, as long as you are only using the rental for your personal use. If you are renting a car for business purposes, your auto insurance will not provide any coverage.

Your existing insurance policies will provide coverage in many ways when renting a car, including:

  • The liability portion of your auto insurance, which is required, will extend when you are driving a rental.
  • If you have a strong health insurance policy, you may be able to rely on it if you are injured during an accident.
  • Your homeowners insurance policy will provide coverage for any of your personal belongings that you keep with you in the car.

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