Avoid Storm Chasers, Get a Licensed and Insured Independent Contractor in Minnesota


Storm chasers? What do they have to do with independent contractors?

That’s probably what you’re thinking. However, a storm chaser is not necessarily the individuals that chase storms, such as tornadoes. Instead, storm chasers are often individuals or companies that come in after a serious storm to repair the damage as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, this could result in improper repair and further short- and long-term damage.

The thing with storm chasers is that they typically often do not have the proper license and insurance to be performing the jobs that they do, such as roof repair. Because homeowners want the damage repaired as quickly as possible and for as little as possible, they often choose to work with these storm chasers unknowingly. More often than not, these homeowners are ripped off pay the price. Ending up on the short end of the stick can happen in many ways – from a poorly executed repair, or a job that was never completed to or having insurance money stolen.

You can avoid this by simply doing a little research and waiting an extra couple of days to have your home repaired. First, check with the BBB to find trustworthy independent contractors in your area. Make sure to verify that the contractor of your choice is properly licensed and insured by the state of Minnesota. Also, choose at least three contractors and have them all submit bids.

While you may want to choose the cheapest estimate so you can save a little bit of that insurance money for yourself, the more important thing here is to ensure you find a good contractor that will perform the job to their fullest extent even if it takes every dime of your insurance money. Also, never submit full payment upfront to a contractor. A trustworthy contractor will never ask this of you.

Last but not least, ensure everything is in writing from the scope of work and price of the job to the cleanup of the job site and the disposal of waste. Be sure to pay careful attention to warranties, material prices and payment terms. Also, anything agreed on verbally should make its way on paper.

For more information or to ensure that your coverage is adequate to cover damages in the event of a major disaster in Minnesota, contact Mayer Insurance in Apple Valley today.