5 Must-Knows Before Hiring Seasonal Workers

Business Seasonal Workers Apple Valley MNIf your business is hiring for the holidays, read on. 

If your business fluctuates with the seasons, then you are likely to be posting job applications round about this time of year. The season of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the festive period is approaching us, and for most businesses, that means crunch time. You may need to hire extra helpers to meet all of the needs that soar in the last quarter of the year.

Whether you are in retail or food, if you hire seasonal workers, you must still follow a few rules of the road. Before you begin your search for the busiest elf that you can find, here are a few must-knows for every business.

Assess your needs beforehand. Take a look at your past records to determine which areas you need the most help in before you begin your search.

Begin your search early. The application and interview processes can take some time. Start your search early so that you’re not beginning peak season with the minimum number of staff.

Always perform background checks. Before letting anyone work for your business, you should run a background check to ensure that he or she doesn’t have a criminal history, especially with theft, fraud, or violence.

Get the right laws in place. ‘Independent contractors’ are considered seasonal or part-time positions. They are hired by you, not employed by you. As such, you are not required to provide benefits, withhold tax/Medicare/Social Security, or pay unemployment taxes. If you are employing people for the busy time ahead, you will need to provide unemployment benefits, withhold part of Social Security and Medicare taxes from their wages, and carry Workers’ Compensation insurance.

Instruct them through training. Any new hire that comes onboard for the busy season will need to be trained to your standards and requirements so that there is a seamless transition. Train employees properly so that you do not have a disaster mid-season.

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