Do You Need Insurance for Your Company Holiday Party?

Company Holiday Party InsuranceKick off the season by celebrating with your company!

Holidays are a time for celebrating, and that is always a great excuse to show your staff how much you appreciate all of their hard work throughout the year. With a holiday party, you encourage your team to have some fun outside of the office environment. However, you do not want to accidentally end up having too much fun. After all, that could end up slapping you in the face with a lawsuit.

Insurance Can Help

As a business owner, you will want to make sure that everyone is having a good time at the party. Even so, you will need to consider safety when serving alcohol and hosting a party at the office. Fortunately, insurance can help!

Excess liability coverage – This is a great way for you to have extra coverage year round, but especially in a case like a holiday party. It is so easy for a small accident to occur, and it is easier than you would imagine for things to escalate into a bigger issue. Excess liability puts you in a better position if a lawsuit occurs or medical bills add up.

Commercial building coverage – Fires, theft, and more, can happen at a party, even if you may not realize it. When you open up your property to parties to employees and their guests, you will have to prepare for the risks that come along with it.

Workers’ compensation insurance – When you hold your party at another location, you do not remove all of your responsibilities. If an employee is injured offsite at a work event, it could be covered by a workers’ compensation policy, considering they were technically partaking in work-related things while the injury occurred. With a reliable workers compensation policy in place, you are best prepared for these types of situations.

As a business owner, take precautions planning your party by limiting the amount of alcohol, serving a full meal alongside the drinks, and securing your insurance beforehand.

For the proper protection to prevent your company suffering from too much festive fun, purchase business insurance. Get set up with this coverage by contacting the professionals at Mayer Insurance, serving Apple Valley and neighboring cities in Minnesota!