Transform Your Tiny Kitchen Into Usable Space With These Tips

Kitchen Advice

If you have a small kitchen, you may think that you do not have enough room to prepare and cook all of your favorite meals. However, a few small changes can help you start feeling like Julia Child in no time. Keep these kitchen tips in mind to make it your favorite room of your house.

  • De-clutter – while there are millions of fancy kitchen gadgets that are available, only a few are essential for everyday use. If you do not have the room for a big item that only has one use, it should not have a place in your kitchen.
  • Transform your storage space – if you have limited space in your cabinets, look to your walls for storage. Wall-mounted magnetic strips are a great way to get your cutlery out of the drawer to free up some space. A pot rack will make your pots and pans easily accessible without taking up room in your cabinets.
  • Clean as you cook – the best way to minimize confusion and clutter is to clean as you are cooking. Peel your vegetables over the trash can, and keep a rag to wipe away crumbs as they are made. While your food is simmering or your water is boiling, take that time to wash a few dishes to get them out of your way.
  • Create more counter space – there are many gadgets that are available to magically create more space. Over the sink or stove-top cutting boards create a new surface for chopping.
  • Embrace the slow cooker – slow cookers are very compact and create delicious meals with little effort. It also means less cleanup, since other than the prepping, the only dish you use is the pot.

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