Reduce the Threat of Cyber Liability in Your Business

Take steps to lower your cyber liability risk. 

It takes only a quick glance at the news to realize that the threat of cyber attacks is increasing for businesses. Many business owners wonder how they can beat the odds and avoid becoming another victim of cyber crime?

Fortunately, we have compiled a list of nifty tips on how you can reduce your risk!

Encrypt data. Whether it is bank routing digits, credit card accounts, or employee social security numbers, company-held information is what hackers use to steal money. Make sure this is adequately encrypted.

Secure your hardware. While many digital thieves use the internet to steal information, others actually try to steal physical hardware as well. To prevent this, make sure your business has a security system and physically lock down your computers and servers. Lock up every night. If cleaners come in after hours, ensure that they know how to properly lock the place down.

Secure the network. Unlocked Wi-Fi networks offer thieves an open door to your company’s data. Secure the network to make it safer for your company to use. Additionally, never use public Wi-Fi as this is highly unstable.

Educate your employees. If just one computer on your network is compromised, your entire operation is at risk. Employees are your first line of defense, so make sure that you educate them about what to look out for and what to avoid.

Through the proper protection of your company’s data and devices, you will not face hackings, corruption of data, or a release of all sensitive and personal information. These circumstances can destroy your business’ reputation and credibility, potentially closing your doors for good.

For the proper protection to prevent your company suffering from such a disaster, purchase Cyber Liability Insurance. Get set up with this coverage by contacting the professionals at Mayer Insurance, serving Apple Valley and neighboring cities in Minnesota!