Do You Need Endorsements in Your Homeowners Insurance?

Valuable coverage may be missing from your home because you are lacking endorsements.

The standard homeowners insurance policy has several optional coverages that many homeowners are unaware of. While a policy is there to protect your home and belongings, every plan has limits. With that said, there are some circumstances and items that may not be covered under your policy. For such protection, endorsements will need to be added!

Ask your insurance agent if these (if any) are included in your homeowners insurance policy, and acquire the coverage if they are not.

Sewer and Sump Pump Back-Up

A standard homeowners insurance policy does not cover water damage resulting from a sump pump failure or sewer back up. Fortunately, endorsements are available for this type of protection, from drywall, framing, to structure and contents.

Valuable Belongings

Your standard homeowners insurance policy may not offer enough coverage to protect your high-valuable belongings from loss. These items require a separate rider or policy to guarantee full replacement cost. A personal articles floater extends the amount of coverage for your articles, such as furs, fine art, and jewelry. It also covers loss resulting from perils not included in your homeowners policy, such as accidental loss.
Special Personal Protection Coverage

Contents coverage on the standard homeowners policy is provided on a named peril basis. This means that your policy contains a list of what you are covered against. While instances range from fire, lightning, theft, hail, and wind, there are some circumstances that are excluded. You can gain extra coverage in endorsements from power surges and accidents. If you have expensive devices or precious items, this coverage is incredibly valuable.

So that you have the necessary coverage for your possessions and protection of your home, contact Mayer Insurance. We’re located in Apple Valley and serving neighboring cities in Minnesota with reliable homeowners insurance coverage. Give us a call to get started!