Five Bad Driving Habits to Avoid

Bad Driving Habits to Avoid

Find out the less obvious bad driving habits to avoid.

We have been told countless times not to drink and drive, drive when we are tired, or use a cell phone when we are at the wheel. Have you ever considered some of the less obvious bad driving habits that you may have? Read on for some of the lesser-known driving habits we all should be avoiding.

Driving too fast for road conditions.

If it starts to rain or the road is slick or icy, do not rely on your vehicle’s stability and safety systems to keep you on the road. Do slow down and watch your speed at all times. Leave plenty of stopping distance between yourself and the vehicle in front, too.

Failure to yield the right of way.

Do not be that driver who always has to go first, especially when you are supposed to yield the right of way. In fact, this bad driving habit is the leading cause of accidents among drivers over 70. Another part of the failure to yield is running stop signs and red lights. Other drivers expect an intersection to be clear when their light turns green.


There is no denying that human beings are curious creatures. If there is an accident on the road, you may be inclined to see what has happened. But before you ‘rubberneck’, think about the cars behind you and in front. It is best to stay focused on the road ahead so that you do not hold up traffic or cause an accident of your own.

Accelerating through yellow lights.

Although you may need to make the green light to make it to work or school on time, speeding through yellow lights can be dangerous. You are better off sitting back and waiting for it to turn green.

Not checking blind spots.

It is very easy to assume that there are no cars alongside you, but assumptions may be wrong. Looking in your wing mirror and a quick glance over your shoulder are all it takes to be sure that the coast is clear before you switch lanes.

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