Getting Hitched? Watch Your Auto Insurance Rate Drop

Married couples can enjoy lower car insurance premiums!

Yes, being single has its advantages; a lower auto insurance rate is not one of them. Your auto insurance is influenced by many factors, including your age, location, vehicle, gender, and whether you are married or not.

The One

But what makes married couples so special, you may ask? Statistically, married people are less likely to be involved in car accidents. This is since, typically, they drive less, and are proven to be lead more stable, less risky, lives. As a result, their risk factor decreases as does their auto insurance rate.

Tying the knot generally has a positive effect on your auto insurance. Even men under 25, who suffer the most from high car insurance premiums, can receive a discount for being married!

A Gift You Did Not Register For

While getting married helps your wallet with auto insurance, newlyweds can help save themselves even more! By combining their auto insurance and bundling their insurance policies (auto, home, life), newlyweds can reduce premiums significantly. Adding a spouse as a secondary driver and/or adding your spouse’s vehicle can pave the way to even greater discounts, such as multi-policy and infrequent driver discounts.

While cheaper auto insurance is hardly a reason to jump ship and exchange rings tomorrow, there are clear benefits when you have found the one and the best auto insurance.

Are you still in search for ‘The One’ auto insurance policy to see you through your honeymoon and beyond? Contact the insurance professionals at Mayer Insurance in Apple Valley, Minnesota to secure your car policy today!