Healthy Posture for Your Workstation

best posture for workstationYour bad posture at work can be detrimental to your health – it’s time to fix it!

If you have an office or desk job, sitting in front of your computer will consume a great deal of your time. Should you be sitting incorrectly or holding a terrible posture, you could be putting some unnecessary stress on your body.

Fortunately, there are some simple adjustments that you can make to your desk chair, your office space and your work habits that can reduce stress on your body!

  • Keep your computer screen at or near eye level
  • Place mouse next to keyboard, within a comfortable reach
  • Relax your shoulders and sit with your back supported against the back rest
  • Keep elbows at a 90-degree angle at your sides and wrists straight
  • Rest your feet firmly on floor or footrest
  • Place the keyboard at a comfortable reach so that you are not overstretching
  • The white of your screen should not be brighter than the white of a paper

Other healthy work habits:

  • Change work positions throughout the day. Periodically stretch your muscles in the back, legs, shoulders, neck, arms, wrists, and fingers. Stand up and move whenever possible.
  • Look away from the monitor periodically and momentarily focus on a distant object while blinking.
  • Get your vision checked and corrected regularly.
  • Improve your physical fitness and flexibility by exercising and stretching often!

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