Finding Home Insurance for Your New Home During The Move

Home Insurance and Moving

While you are moving, there are many factors to consider. Along with making sure that all of your belongings stay safe during the move, it is also important that your new home is protected with the right homeowners insurance policy. However, knowing when and how to invest in a new home insurance policy for your new house can be a little tricky. Keep these tips in mind to help make sure that your new house is protected.

  • Your existing home insurance will not provide coverage – if you are relying on your existing homeowners insurance policy to provide protection for your new home, think again. While you have the choice to use the same insurance company and agent, you will need a whole new policy since your new house is a different property.
  • Out of state insurance may differ – since not all insurance companies can write a policy in any state, you may need to switch companies. Make sure to talk with your insurance agent to see what states your current insurance company will provide coverage in.
  • Know when to make the switch – typically, you will need to provide proof of homeowners insurance when you close on your new house. Make sure to talk to your insurance agent well before the closing day to ensure that you will have coverage when it is needed.
  • Consider vacancies – if your new home or current house will be empty for any amount of time during the move, your homeowners insurance may not provide coverage. If a home is unoccupied for more than 30 days, most insurance companies will discontinue their coverage. Call your insurance agent to find out how to manage any issues with a vacant house.

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