How Technology is Changing Workers’ Compensation

Top tech shapes the way we work and the way we file claims.

While you cannot always keep up with every development in technology, you can follow the overall trends to understand how it impacts your business. New technologies are improving workers’ compensation programs in everything from communications and training to healthcare delivery and claims.

In fact, there are several areas of workers’ compensation that can benefit from the use of technology:

  • Communication– Critical information that works to prevent injuries and claim updates can be provided to employees through the use of smartphone apps.
  • Workforce Training– Training can be conducted through an employer’s intranet or via a smartphone application.
  • Delivering Care– With the new innovative telemedicine and mobile apps, injured workers can receive direct medical attention from preferred medical providers.
  • Managing Claims– Claims can be handled with care and accuracy through customizable email alerts, such as notifications of when prescriptions are ready.


It is not just the use of cellphones that can help employers monitor their workers’ compensation risks. Wearable technology, such as a smart watch, can track employee movements and alert co-workers of danger. Furthermore, such devices can track the individual’s fatigue, body temperature, and repetitive motion. The information can then be used in training, fraud prevention, and wellness problems.


With the rise of technology comes the improved systems and efficient devices. Some firms are equipping forklifts to sound an alarm or flash lights to warn employees and the public. Many pieces of equipment require both hands to operate and can be fitted with a vibrating sensor to alert the operators of changes in their surroundings.

It is safe to say that technology is on the rise with the hope that workers’ compensation claims will decline. To fit your business with the correct insurance during these changing times, visit Mayer Insurance today. We serve Apple Valley and neighboring cities in Minnesota!