How to Make Sure Your Home is Covered from a Disaster

You cannot prevent disasters from happening. But you can protect your home.

Even in this day and age where we can predict disasters, assess severity, and batten down the hatches with plenty of time to spare, disasters continue to wreak havoc all across the nation. While homeowner’s insurance is there to pick up your home after a catastrophe, coverage can be limited. In turn, homeowners often bear more of the costs that they could have prevented.

Here is how to make sure your home is covered from disasters:

Property Coverage

At current construction costs, your homeowner’s insurance policy needs to cover the cost of repairing and rebuilding your home from scratch. As building and material costs continue to soar, it’s important to be aware that construction costs will rarely be the same as the current real estate value.

Belonging Replacement

The best way to determine if your policy has enough coverage is to conduct a home inventory. Make a list of your possessions, along with photographic documentation and the estimated value. Your insurance should be able to provide the cash value (replacing your belongings minus depreciation), or replacement cost (reimbursement for the current cost of belonging).

Additional Living Expenses

If your home were to suffer a disaster, it might be uninhabitable while it is being repaired and rebuilt. In this event, your homeowner’s insurance can step in to help cover hotel bills, restaurant meals, transportation, and other living expenses that accumulate while your home is being repaired.

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