Insuring Your Summer Toys

As the weather warms up, it is a good reminder to make sure all of your summer toys are ready to go. Preparing your toys before your first vacation can help make sure you will be able to enjoy them while you are away. The most important part of preparing your summer toys in making sure that they are covered with the right insurance policy. Follow these tips to ensure that your summer toys are covered this summer.

  • RV insurance. Some RVs are covered under homeowners insurance policies if they are only used a couple of weeks out of the year. Make sure to look over your policy to see if your RV falls into that category. If you are planning on using your RV for longer trips this summer, getting a special policy is the best option. Make sure to look for a policy that has total loss replacement of the RV, as well as personal belonging replacement to cover all of your belongings that you take on vacation.
  • ATV insurance. Most ATVs relatively inexpensive to insure. While some homeowners insurance policies will cover ATVs, they most of the time will not cover anything that happens if the ATV is driven off the property. Make sure to update your ATV policy after adding on any after-market components.
  • Boat insurance. The best way to insure you boat is to invest in a specific boat insurance policy. The cost of the policy will depend on many different factors, including the age and type of boat. Make sure to check for possible discounts, such as for seasonal use or special storage options.

To find the best insurance policy for your summer toys in the Minnesota area, contact the insurance professionals at Mayer Insurance. They can help provide insurance policies that have the best coverage to fit all your needs.