Simple Spring Recipe: Mint & Pea Soup

Simple Spring Recipe Soup

Whip up this simple spring soup recipe tonight. While the winter weather fades into the background, Minnesotans are enjoying warmer weather and longer days. Even so, there is still a spring chill in … [Read more...]

Get Food Smart for National Nutrition Month

Food Facts National Nutrition Month

Wise up on how to eat healthy during National Nutrition Month. March is a great month, not only because spring is starting to appear, but because it brings National Nutrition Month! Because what we … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Homemade Cookie Recipe to Wow Your Valentine

Homemade Cookie Recipe

Whip up these easy and sweet Valentine’s Day cookies. Are you still thinking of a romantic gesture for your sweetie on Valentine’s Day? If you want to surprise your loved one, then these cookies are … [Read more...]

It Is the Season of Giving! Here Is How You Can Give Back

How to Give Back

Give back to your community during the season for giving! The season is giving us upon us (Thanksgiving, anyone?), and now is the perfect time to help your local community and those in need. Whether … [Read more...]

5 Non-Dairy Foods Packed Full of Calcium

Dairy-Free Sources of Calcium

Pick up these dairy-free foods that contain plenty of calcium. Did you know that calcium is the most abundant material in the body? Up to 99 percent of calcium is stored in teeth and bones, making it … [Read more...]

Affordable Ways to Keep Your Employees Healthy

Tips Keep Employees Healthy

A healthy and happy employee is a more productive member of the team. As a business leader, you already understand the adverse effects of sick or evenly mildly disengaged employees. Higher profit … [Read more...]

How to: Insure Your Home Business

Home Business Apple Valley MN

Running a business from the comfort of your home? You will need extra insurance. If you are a business owner working out of your home, you will know that your study is full of digital devices, … [Read more...]