Safely Enjoy Memorial Day With These Safety Tips

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Memorial Day Safety

Memorial Day is fast approaching, which brings backyard barbeques and visits to military monuments. While the holiday weekend may be filled with time spent with your loved ones, it can also be full of danger if you do not take the right safety precautions. Keep these Memorial Day safety tips in mind to make sure that you stay safe this holiday.

  • Do not drink and drive – many Memorial Day cookouts include cocktails to keep cool. If you are planning on drinking at your Memorial Day party, make sure that you have a sober ride home, no matter if it is a friend or with a taxi company. Keep in mind that just one drink can be enough to inhibit your driving abilities.
  • Grill safely – when using a grill, make sure to never leave it unsupervised while it is lit. Do not allow children or pets to play around the lit grill. Make sure to keep the grill away from any flammable objects, including low hanging trees and other structures.
  • Stay safe around water – taking a dip in your backyard pool is a great way to cool down in the hot summer weather. Never let small children around water without the appropriate adult supervision. Drinking and swimming do not mix, since it can increase your chances of drowning. Do not swim by yourself, even if you are a strong swimmer.
  • Stay safe from the sun- as the temperatures get hotter, the sun gets brighter. Make sure that you always put on sunscreen with at least 15 SPF whenever you are going out in the sun to prevent a sunburn, and reapply every two hours.

All of us at Mayer Insurance in Apple Valley, Minnesota would like to wish you and your family a happy Memorial Day, and say thank you to all of our service men and women.