New Automotive Technology Leads to Less Accidents

Driving at nightDriving while distracted is one of the most dangerous situations on the road. In fact, the risk of being involved in an accident when you are distracted behind the wheel are 23 times greater than if you were not distracted. Luckily, many automakers have responded to this issue by adding new technologies to their vehicles, to help prevent distracted driving.

While completely self-driving cars are still far off in the future, there are many new technologies that are available that help prevent accidents caused by distracted driving. Many vehicles from General Motors have new sensors and cameras that can help track the position of road hazards, such as pedestrians and other vehicles, and will alert the driver of impending collisions.

General Motors is also developing a new technology inside vehicles that will help detect when the driver is tired. The technology will be able to identify head rotation and facial features, which will be used to tell where the driver is looking at any given moment when they are behind the wheel. The system will then be able to alert the driver if they are not paying attention to the road.

Mercedes-Benz also offers Attention Assist, a new technology to help avoid accidents. The system uses a camera inside the vehicle that measures 70 different variables of the driver, which are all used to create a profile of the driver, and watches for any deviations from the profile, such as abrupt steering wheel adjustments or erratic speeding. If the system detects that the driver is tired, they will be prompted to take a break.

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