Renting, Insurance and You

While renting a home, apartment or condo goes somewhat against the "American Dream" concept, there are many who actually prefer to rent. If something breaks, it gets taken care of. No property taxes. Often, no lawn care. Amenities and benefits like swimming pools, mini-gyms and laundry facilities within walking distance. However, what many renters forget is that there’s no insurance coverage if something happens, unless you have a renters insurance policy of your own.

That’s because the homeowners insurance / property insurance carried by the landlord or apartment complex owners isn’t designed to cover your personal property. Regardless of the reason why something happens to it (water damage from a broken water heater, kitchen fire, etc.), unless you have your own personal insurance policy to provide coverage, the cost to replace it is on you.

For those in the Apple Valley, Minnesota area who prefer to rent, Mayer Insurance is more than ready to help you find an insurance policy package to provide you with all the coverage you need. Contact them for a quote today. You rent for reasons that make sense and having renters insurance makes sense too.