Charging Your Phone In a Power Outage

Losing electricity doesn’t have to mean you lose use of your phone.

Whether it’s an electrical issue or adverse weather, a power outage can leave you feeling helpless. While you should have your emergency kit already prepared, your phone can quickly lose battery. Your smartphone is able to call family and check the condition of the weather or electrical repairs so that you can track how long you will be left in the dark (literally).

Even when there is no electricity to plug into to charge, consider these steps to regain a bit more battery for your phone.

Battery Power
You can either buy a phone battery, or a battery-powered charger. The latter is available at most electrical supply stores, so just make sure that you have enough working batteries to charge your phone.

Camp Stove
Invest in a good quality camp stove that has a built in USB port. With a USB cable, you will be able to plug in your phone and build up battery. These stoves allow you to cook your food and provide charge for your electronics so you’ll never go hungry or without battery!

From Your Car
Most modern cars have a built in charger for a phone or a USB port, while older vehicles often have a cigarette lighter that electronics plug into. Be sure to back your car out of the garage before idling your car and charging your phone.

Remember these tips to stay better prepared in case of an unexpected emergencies! For protection on your personal and business lines, visit Mayer Insurance. We are located in Apple Valley, Minnesota and serve all the surrounding areas with quality insurance.