Flood Dangers of the Spring Thaw

Spring Thaw Can Cause Dangerous Floods

Floods are one of the most destructive forces that can hit your home. From destruction of your belongings, to dealing with mold, the problems that are associated with floods are endless. While you may think that your existing homeowners insurance policy will provide coverage in case of a flood, it will not. Only a specific flood insurance policy will protect you from the devastation.

Spring is one of the most common times for floods, which makes now the best time to invest in a flood insurance policy. Flood insurance takes 30 days to kick in, which means that the sooner you invest in a policy, the sooner you can be covered. There are many flood risks that happen during the spring season, including:

  • Spring thaw – the warmer weather that comes along with spring will thaw the snow and ice that is left over from winter. While most of the water will be absorbed into the ground, sometimes the ground may not be able to handle all of the melting snow, which could result in a flood.
  • Spring rains – spring is known for its heavy rainfall, which can lead to several inches of rain in a short amount of time. Heavy rains can lead to severe flooding when the ground gets oversaturated and the storm drains overfill.
  • Flash flooding – a flood is considered a flash food when rapid flooding occurs in low-lying areas in less than six hours, either caused by thunderstorms or intense rainfall. Flash floods are especially dangerous during drought-like conditions.

For all of your flood insurance needs and to ensure that you are properly protected during the spring thaw, contact the insurance professionals at Mayer Insurance in Apple Valley, Minnesota. As an independent insurance company, we will work with you to make sure that you have the right amount of coverage, all at the right price.