Five Bad Driving Habits to Avoid

Bad Driving Habits to Avoid

Find out the less obvious bad driving habits to avoid. We have been told countless times not to drink and drive, drive when we are tired, or use a┬ácell phone when we are at the wheel. Have you ever … [Read more...]

Which Factors Affect Your Car Insurance Premiums?

Car Insurance Premiums Factors

It only takes a few details to skyrocket (or lower) your insurance premiums. The cost of car insurance depends upon many personal details, including your age, where you live, the car you drive, your … [Read more...]

Decode Your Auto Insurance Terminology

Decode Your Auto Insurance Terminology

If you are confused by a coded auto policy, here is what you need to know! If your auto insurance policy is written in what seems to be another language, know that you are not alone in being … [Read more...]

How to: Winterize Your Car

Winterise Auto Insurance Apple Valley MN

Warm up your car for the winter weather. Snow storms, ice storms, and freezing temperatures can make winter driving treacherous for even the experienced drivers. Part of how to stay safe on the … [Read more...]

What to Do In a Hit and Run Accident

Hit and Run Accident Auto Insurance

Stay safe, minimize damage, and learn how to handle a hit and run accident. Did you see a driver back into your car in the parking garage? Did you see the driver drive away quickly after realizing … [Read more...]

What to Do After a Car Accident

After a Car Accident

Step-by-step advice for handling an auto accident. Getting in a car accident, no matter how minor, is an unpleasant experience for all. Not only is it frightening, but the aftermath of it is no … [Read more...]

When to Repair or Replace Your Damaged Windshield

Repair or Replace Your Damaged Windshield

Know when to repair or replace your damaged windshield. It happens to the best of us. Your car is parked under a tree, near a building site, or you are driving behind construction crew, and somehow … [Read more...]