Condo Insurance vs. Homeowners Insurance: What is the Difference?

Condo Insurance vs. Homeowners Insurance

Determine if you need condo or homeowners insurance. Whether you already have a condo, just bought one, or are thinking of getting one, you likely have questions about insurance. Do you opt for … [Read more...]

Top Considerations Before Getting Solar Panels

Solar Panel House Consideration

Before investing in solar, be sure it is the right renewable energy source for you. When you want to help the environment, lower your carbon footprint, and slash your energy bills, it is natural to … [Read more...]

The Best Ways to Prepare Your Home For Spring!

Prepare Your Home For Spring

Welcome spring into your home with a much-needed clean. The milder days of spring are a perfect time to do a thorough spring cleaning and to perform home maintenance. After a long winter, it is a … [Read more...]

Prevent Frozen Pipes in Your Home with These Tips

Prevent Frozen Pipes

Winter is still here – and it can wreak havoc on homeowners’ pipes. Even though the sun is making an appearance now and again, the signs of winter are ever-present in Minnesota. With that said, it is … [Read more...]

Use Smart Home Technology to Prevent and Detect Fires

Smart Home Technology Prevent Fires

Install smart home technology to protect your home from fires. Homeowners, are you doing everything you can to prevent home fires? Even though you may have a standard fire alarm in place, there are … [Read more...]

Do You Need Endorsements in Your Homeowners Insurance?

Endorsements Homeowners Insurance Apple Valley MN

Valuable coverage may be missing from your home because you are lacking endorsements. The standard homeowners insurance policy has several optional coverages that many homeowners are unaware of. … [Read more...]

It Is Earth Day – Make Your Home a Green House!

Make Your Home Eco-Friendly in Honor of Earth Day

Today – April 22nd – is World Earth Day! On World Earth Day, it is only natural (and right) to be kind to the planet. What better way to give Mother Nature some TLC than to adopt some green and … [Read more...]