Three Facts To Know About Dealing With Ice Dams

When winter problems develop with the roof of your home, you may assume it’s the cold itself causing the issue. However, snow melts due to a warm roof, not a cold one. Understanding ice dams is the only way to prevent them.

Warm Attics

Hot air escaping into the attic warms the roof, melting any ice that’s gathered. The water has a chance to soak into the plywood below.

Snow’s Hard To Remove

You don’t have to remove the snow to prevent ice dam damage if the roof stays cool. Using hoses and sprayers to knock off the snow pack only damages the singles below. It’s smarter to leave the snow in place and keep it from melting.

Insulation Works

When preventing the warming effect, nothing works better than extra attic insulation. Sealing and installation costs far less than repairing the damage to the roof after a serious leak.

Since ice dams can strike at any point during the winter, contact Mayer Insurance to make sure your homeowners insurance protects you in Apple Valley, Minnesota.