Tips For Avoiding Drowsy Driving

With over 100,000 crashes a year linked to drowsiness alone, it’s one of the least discussed problems leading to death by automobile accident. Avoiding this common problem requires a little innovation and the willingness to ask someone for help.

  • Call a cab if you’re staying late at work and you don’t feel up to driving. Once you’ve been awake for more than 18 hours, you’re putting yourself at risk.
  • Consider finding a spot for naps when your routine regularly requires you to drive while drowsy. Many work places with swing or rotational shifts now offer comfortable cots in a spare room to keep their workers safe.
  • Make changes to your schedule as slowly as possible. Jumping out of bed a few hours early for a big meeting could leave you drowsy and unsafe behind the wheel.
  • Invest in a drowsy driving sensor for your vehicle. While some of the newest models include these features, you can also find after market safety devices that emit loud noises if they detect the steering wheel drifting.

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