Use Smart Home Technology to Prevent and Detect Fires

Smart Home Technology Prevent Fires

Install smart home technology to protect your home from fires.

Homeowners, are you doing everything you can to prevent home fires? Even though you may have a standard fire alarm in place, there are more ways that you can prevent fires and protect your home. In the recent years, smart technology in the home has taken off, causing a huge surge of safety in houses all across the country. Taking a smoke alarm one step further, smart devices can alert you of a fire – even when you are nowhere near your home.

Smart Smoke Detectors

These smart devices can provide you with alarm notifications on your smartphone when smoke is detected. They can also be wired into your home’s security system and monitored by a central station to alert you and the fire department of an alarm. Better yet, some systems may be able to shut down air handling systems in the event of an alarm, and can even turn on lights and offer spoken directions. These smart smoke detectors offer a simple, all-in-one device that helps to protect your home.

Smart Fire Detectors

A heat detector is another way to safeguard your property. When the home reaches a certain high temperature or when the home’s temperature rapidly increases, the alarm will sound. While this device is not intended to replace a smoke detector, it can be especially useful to homes when the two systems are interconnected.

Smart Plugs

Are you the type of person that worries that you forgot to turn off your iron while driving to work? Smart plugs may be the solution for you. From an app on your smartphone, you can turn lights and small appliances on and off. Some models automatically turn off power to your appliances when they are not needed.

Along with the right smart device for your home, homeowners insurance is especially valuable. If a fire does occur, this coverage can help you to rebuild and repair your home. Receive the right protection for your home – contact Mayer Insurance. We are located in Apple Valley and serve neighboring cities in Minnesota with reliable homeowners insurance coverage. Give us a call to get started!