What You Did Not Know About Renters Insurance

What Renter’s Insurance Covers

Renters should protect their belongings and finances with adequate insurance.

If you rent a space, condo, or apartment, you may sleep easy knowing that you do not own the property, and therefore, is not your concern. What may keep you up at night is the lack of renters insurance. This coverage is often forgotten about but is incredibly important for those who rent property. Ensuring that you have the right protection and enough of it in place is critical for keeping your possessions and finances safe.

Here is what you need to know about acquiring the right renters insurance!

  • Landlord insurance does not protect you

If a fire blazes through your building, your landlord’s insurance will pay to rebuild, but it will not cover the cost of replacing your personal belongings. Nor will it cover any liability costs that arise if someone falls in your rented space. Landlord insurance does not protect your finances or belongings, so it is important to attain renters insurance.

  • It provides liability protection

If you entertain at your home, you also invite the potential for risk. If your guest slips and gets injured, you will be liable to cover all the expenses. There is always the chance that the injury could lead to a legal battle. Renters insurance can help cover the expense of protecting yourself and finances.

  • Financial protection

Do not leave yourself exposed to the financial burden of any of the above situations. An affordable renters insurance can offer you the protection of your hard-earned money that it deserves.

Are you ready to secure the right renters insurance policy for your space, belongings, and finances? Rely on the team at Mayer Insurance to walk you through the process of securing the right policy for your rented space in Apple Valley or neighboring city in Minnesota. Contact us today to get started.