What You Need To Know About Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance Coverage

If you use your personal vehicle for any business purposes, other than commuting to and from work, your personal auto insurance policy will not provide any coverage in case of an accident. To ensure that you are properly protected from any incident that you may encounter, you will need to invest in a commercial auto insurance policy.

Commercial auto insurance is not only for large commercial trucks. It can also provide coverage for passenger vehicles and trucks that are used for business matters. The amount of coverage that you need with your commercial auto insurance policy will depend on the risk level of your business and the type of vehicles that you drive.

Most companies have more liability issues than individuals since they need to provide coverage for employees, equipment, and passengers. Typically, a commercial auto insurance policy is the best way to ensure that your company has the coverage it deserves.

If you think that you can sneak by with your personal auto insurance policy when using your car for business, think again. The law requires that you inform your car insurance company if you will be doing any commercial driving, in which case they will direct you to a commercial auto insurance policy. However, if you do not let your insurer know and are involved in an accident, your claim can be denied. If your claim is denied, you will be left paying for the damages and injuries out of your own pocket, which can easily cost thousands of dollars.

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