How to: Winterize Your Car

Winterise Auto Insurance Apple Valley MNWarm up your car for the winter weather.

Snow storms, ice storms, and freezing temperatures can make winter driving treacherous for even the experienced drivers. Part of how to stay safe on the roads is getting your car ready for the winter weather and hazardous road conditions. To get started, check out these tips on how to winterize your vehicle.

Check Everything Out

Before the weather takes a turn for the worst, take the time to bring your car in for a tune-up or inspection. In the cold, your car’s battery will have to work extra hard to do the same job, so it’s important that it is in the best condition possible. If you have not used the vehicle’s heater or defroster all summer or autumn, now is the time to make sure they’re in good condition. You do not want to be stuck in a freezing car during a storm to find out that your defrosters are on the fritz.

Top It Up

Your car needs certain fluids, such as anti-freeze, oil, and gas to keep running through the winter. You should change the oil often and top up the anti-freeze for winter. If it has been a couple of years since the anti-freeze has been replaced, it is a good idea to flush it out and pour in some new material. Aim to keep your car’s tank of gas at least half full throughout the winter to reduce the risk of gas lines freezing.

Create an Emergency Kit

Even if your car is kitted out for winter, there is still a chance that you will get stuck on the road in a snowstorm. Be ready for the worst by putting together an emergency kit. This should include a blanket or two, a flashlight, flare, first aid kit, ice scraper and brush, and a fully inflated spare tire.

While you prep your car for the winter, be sure that you have the right auto insurance that will see you through the hazardous weather. Contact Mayer Insurance in Apple Valley, Minnesota for the reliable insurance that you need and deserve.